Monday, February 23, 2009

Your Reading List Has No Unread Items.

Tell me I am not the only one who gets a strange, perverse thrill of excitement when I get this message on iGoogle?

That I have now read every single blog post I have on there, my iGoogle Reader is completely empty and clean and nice and SO SO SHINY, and I am just SUCH a good, conscientious blog reader.

It's. just. so. satisfying.

Until the damn thing is full again in the morning.


I need to stop reading so many frakin' blogs.


Granny Annie said...

Perhaps there is a workshop we can attend for blog addicts that will help cure us from the need to read every new post. I have many, many to read and with dial up connection it takes me about two days to do what most of you can do in two hours. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Lynda said...

I did NOT choose to use that option - I would be feeling too guilty!

Bobbi said...

My Google reader has never been empty - never! I'm always behind ...

Natalie said...

I know I start to twitch if I have not been able to check it in a day or so. I keep thinking of how much stuff is piling up to read and how I will NEVER catch up.