Monday, February 2, 2009

Yet Another Post About The Ice Storm. But It Really Was Incredible.

First, it was rain. Then it was ice. Then it was snow on top of the ice. Then it was pandemonium. Power blinked out all over Kentucky, families were forced to move to shelters and to stay with other family members, schools closed, roads were impassable, limbs fell crashingly to the ground or on top of houses and everyone waited for it. just. to. be. over.

But in the meantime.

Everything was strangely, ethereally beautiful.

Every blade of grass and individual twig on every tree was coated with ice.

And when the sun rose the next morning, every living thing was spangled with diamonds.

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Lynda said...

I know it's bad, but it's SO pretty!

Bobbi said...

Are you sure you didn't take those pictures at my house? 'Cause it sure looks like the sights in my backyard!

I'm just thankfully I'm finally able to check in with my bloggy friends again!