Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gotta Get The Mail

So, I got home from work, tossed my coat and purse on the couch, got the mail, went through it, sat down at the computer. Paid a bill, read my email, read my blogs, checked the weather, stretched, decided I better think of something for dinner and then. I AM SO NOT KIDDING YOU HERE.

I went out to get the mail.

It was not until I OPENED THE MAILBOX that I realized I had already gotten the mail.

Seriously. I strolled all the way out there, dum-de-dum I'm SO getting the mail, when I had TOTALLY already gotten it once.


I hope none of the neighbors saw me.

Everyone seems to be trying to economize on all aspects of their lives recently. I keep reading articles about recycling, using coupons, even making your own shampoo and laundry detergent. Even though I do draw the line at making my own detergent, I have also been cutting back at the grocery and using coupons for the first time in years. Read more at my travel blog HERE.

I recently moved some things around on bookshelves and found my tattered collection of
Albert Payson Terhune dog stories. Then I sat and read each and every one. Read more at my Herald-Leader blog HERE.


Lynda said...

You might want to go check the mail again!

Anonymous said...



Wep said...

Aw hon, happens to the best of us.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I either check it twice or not at all :P