Thursday, November 6, 2008

THIS Is What Blogging Is All About

Yesterday, I wrote about my passionate love for Dairy Queen M & M Blizzards.

How I love them. The crunchy sweetness. The total fabulousness of eating them with the long red spoons.

Blogging is all about lots of different things for different people. I could wax all philosophical about the blog friends I have made, like Heather, how I can stay in constant contact with my lovely family, most of whom also maintain blogs, how wonderful it is to have my writing recognized and rewarded, and what a satisfying feeling it is to click "Publish Post".

All great things. Wonderful things.

But when you get a comment like this?

Natalie said...
My weakness is the Heath Blizzard ...with extra candy...Now I have to go get one.

And you learn...that it is possible to get EXTRA CANDY on your blizzard? That you just have to ASK FOR IT?

My friends. THAT is what blogging is all about.

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Cyndi B. said...

No way!!! You can ask for EXTRA candy????

Sure glad that one DQ is still open up here!!

Natalie said...

LMAO! Glad to know I can be of service!

Lynda said...

Mmmm...gotta' love Dairy Queen. My fav at DQ is a large dipped cone.

Wep said...

NO WAY!!! SO stopping there tomorrow!!

Boo said...

OMG! This is life changing! How could I have lived all my life without knowing you could get extra candy in your blizard! I go for the Oreo blizards but more Oreo is always better!

Deodand said...

People, people, people! The menus at every DQ I've ever been in say "Extra Candy X cents" below the Blizzard choices. I bet you guys don't read the IKEA directions before starting either. Tsk!