Monday, November 10, 2008

My Nemesis

Superman has Lex Luthor.

Batman has the Joker.

And I?

I have this.

Oh, yes, it looks like a fabulous golden blast of color. A veritable fall ICON, as it were. But it is evil. EVIL, I tell you.

Well. Maybe not precisely EVIL. But in a few short days, this happens.

And, really, I should wait a couple of weeks and take a picture because the leaves will be piled up like a huge mass of golden coins. And, even though that sounds poetic. It isn't. If they stayed there, I would have no problem. But they don't. They blow. Right across the driveway and up against the door of the garage. In big piles. So when you open the garage, they blow in. They scatter everywhere. Then they are tracked in.

For the next six months.

Tom insists the leaves are no problem because "they blow away". In what universe is he living? Oh, yes. The manverse. In the manverse, you don't even notice the leaves that have been tracked in all over the frakin' house. For the next six months.

Last year, I finally broke down and gathered up big armfuls of leaves and stuffed them in the trash can. I was not about to break out the rake. But I may have to give in this year.

Because those leaves are blowing nowhere but straight into the garage.

Even if my husband can't even see them.

I hate that tree.

Even if it is kinda pretty.

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Granny Annie said...

When we lived in the city we could be fined if we left our leaves to blow into the street therefore into the gutters.

You have awakened my thoughts as I now veiw all the beautiful trees that surround our country home as transformers into evil villans.

Lynda said...

That tree really is gorgeous. Hire some kid for $20.00 to get them out of there - worth every penny!

Jessica said...

Manverse...I love it! :)

we have leave problems too. We rent and the landlord does NO landscaping other than cutting the grass. Thus, years of leaves are all around the bushes. I appear to be the only person on our street who cares about it. I complained and they tore down a tree. That isn't going to fix it. There is another tree 10 feet away. UGH!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy mother nature and while you at it, grab a rake and burn some calories. vj

Natalie said...

I WISH I had a tree like that...I really hate our apartment right husband is so disapointed because he can't "go all out" at Christmas this year like he wanted too. I have an idea....I will come rake your leaves if we can borrow your house for the month of Dec!

Nance said...

I hear ya. I have a silver maple that is about eleventy billion times the size of that tree and isn't even pretty. It drops a ton of leaves and, as an added bonus in the spring, those damned "helicopter" seed pods. I hate that damned tree.

And I hate the army of leafblowers in our neighborhood. So noisy!

Bobbi said...

I'm in the minority - the leaves don't bother me!

Deodand said...

I'm with Bobbi. I love falling leaves and raking them too. Then again, I don't have a huge yard with a zillion trees.

Rachel said...

Gorgeous tree. But I hear you. I raked on Saturday, and you would never know it today.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I have an evil tree in my front yard and I have been raking for weeks!!!!!