Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Try It Tuesday: Fish Oil Capsules

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I read recently in a magazine that fish oil capsules are good for you in many ways, including helping your complexion. I already knew that salmon and other cold water fish were good for you, so this only made sense and I immediately went and bought a bottle.I did think my complexion looked better but it wasn't until I read another article that suggested fish oil can actually help with allergies I realized that my fall seasonal allergies had been virtually non-existent. This was actually proven to me when I was in California for four days and never had time to take my capsules. The INSTANT I arrived back in Kentucky, my nose and eyes started pouring. It took a couple of days of being back on my fish oil regimen, but there is a huge difference. If you suffer from allergies, I absolutely recommend trying these. They help with a variety of other ailments as well.

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Who's Your Audience said...

I too have jumped on the bandwagon. Hubby and I started taking fish oil in June 2008. I haven't noticed any outward benefits but a friend assures me that it takes about six months to really notice a change in your skin (she is a nurse so I'm choosing to believe her). Possible benefits include decreased risk for heart disease (thanks Omega-3!), decreased inflammation, and better brain function. The studies done with fish oil were done with the Sundown brand so my doctor tells me that she only recommends that brand as the other brands have not been used in the studies that show benefits. I'll be interested to see how many more benefits you notice as the months pass!!

Lynda said...

And you never see fish sneezing!

Granny Annie said...

I'm not sure this counts, but we planted a field of turnips primarily to attract deer. Instead we have an over abundance of turnips and my husband started searching for benefits of eating them. He learned that turnips relieve lung congestion and since he suffers from asbestosis he is giving it a try. He is also on portable home oxygen but we shall see if he gets relief from both. It doesn't hurt that he loves turnips:)

Lucy's Mom said...

My rheumatologist has me on fish oil capsules for inflammation. I believe they help. Reading the turnip comment makes me again realize how much "natural" and homeopathic stuff is out there that can help various and sundry ailments. It's worth the effort to look around. I hate taking RX and do whatever I can to help myself with natural products.

On another note, I took out my "Christmas clothes" today and it's too darn warm to wear them. Sweaters, sweatshirts, et al don't go very well when it's going to be 86 today.