Thursday, November 13, 2008

How To Be TOTALLY Frugal In Your Movie Viewing. Or Not.

I loved and adored the show "Sex And The City" so when they movie came out, I was one of the first in the many groups of women who queued up to pay $8.00 a ticket to see it. Loved it. Loved the way the story just continued on and loved the happy endings they all found.

So, when the movie came out on DVD, I wanted to watch it. But I thought it was kind of silly to BUY the DVD, I would just watch it on On Demand. So, I ordered it for $4.00 on Sunday, even though I knew I did not have time to watch the whole thing. That was OK, I would finish it the next day. I ordered it up at 4:00 in the afternoon. You have it to view for 24 hours. On the way home from school (at 4:00), I realized I would not be able to finish it because my 24 hours was up! Dang. I really wanted to see the first half. So, I settled in on the couch and ordered it up again. $4.00 again. It was wonderful. I really enjoyed it.

But I paid $16.00 to see it, in total.

I could have bought the DVD for not much more than that.

And, also? We have Netflix we pay for EVERY MONTH.

I could have watched it for FREE.

Perhaps I should start my own frugal web site.

Or perhaps not.

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Granny Annie said...

I got up this morning with the importance of cutting costs during these harsh economic times heavy on my mind. Then I read this blog entry and decided NOT to call on you for money saving tips. You best buy the movie soon before times really get tough. LOL

Lynda said...

I liked the movie, too :-)

Natalie said...

I just rented it from the Library last week for a dollar. Thought Iw ould pare my hubby the pain of watching it with me so I got it when I had a day off work so I could watch it in complete peace and quiet. BEST day I have had in a LONG time

Aubrey said...

Don't forget Redbox too!

Kiy said...

We have NF too, and love love love it! BTW, I may be the only woman on the planet to has never (gasp) watched even one minute of Sex/City. Just no interest, and it started at a time where we didn't have US tv options. Maybe someday I will have to get a couple of episodes from NF and check out what all the hype was about!

Cheers, Kiy