Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Try It Tuesday: Disney Tropical Mix

So, the great bathing suit diet is ON and is going surprisingly well. I have managed to abstain from M & M blizzards for the time being and the pounds are coming off - 7 so far - and I have also managed to find some pretty interesting new diet foods.

Although, Weight Watchers calls it a lifestyle change, not a diet. All I know is, iced sugar cookies are not a part of this new lifestyle. At least not now. Maybe after I weigh 140 like Valerie Bertinelli, I can factor in a couple of sugar cookies but for now? I am all about the fruit.

Dried fruit is not quite as good for you and is a little higher in sugar, but I really like some of it. It's chewy and sweet and good. I found these great little boxes of Disney Tropical Mix the other day and they are really good. They have dried apricots, pineapple and papayas in each little box, cut into tiny little pieces. Either the apricots or the papayas are kinda chewy, but the pineapple chunks make it all worthwhile because they are really sweet and good.

Each box is 2 Weight Watcher points so they make a nice snack that really fills you up. Try them and let me know you think!


Jessica said...

I am going to look for these. They sound great and I think Hoss might like them too! Great job with the weight loss! :)

Lynda said...

Nice going with the 7lbs!