Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Fabulousness Is All About The Dress

I look good today. Really. GOOD. Part of it is the fact that I have lost SEVEN POUNDS which, really? Does not sound like that much until you consider seven pounds of butter piled up and then you think that maybe, just maybe, that's why your thighs are not rubbing together quite so badly when you walk. But it's mostly THE DRESS.

I am so into dresses lately. For years, there was nothing but total hideousness hanging on the dress racks in stores. HIDEOUSNESS. But, sometime last summer, dresses started getting downright cute. I was into visiting and writing about restaurant patios last summer and was actively searching for cute sundresses because I am ALL ABOUT wearing the perfect outfit for the occasion - like you didn't know that if you had been reading this blog for any time at all. And that was when I began to notice the cuteness. I probably bought 8-10 dresses last summer. All extremely cute. And when I began looking for a dress for a shower recently, I discovered the latest phenomenon in dress world - stretchy jersey dresses.

These dresses are the ultimate in fabulousness. They are very flattering, especially if you have some Spanx on under them to hide the little tummy bulge which will surely disappear with the next seven pounds lost, they are comfortable and stretchy, and completely darling. Jones New York makes some beautiful ones and the first royal blue one I bought was made by them. It's very similar to this one.

I loved it SO MUCH that, when I found another, similar one at T. J. Maxx, I snapped it up even though it was a royal blue print and a little similar. This only meant I could wear the royal blue slides I found with both dresses. And did you doubt that I found the perfect color shoes? Of course you didn't. It looks very similar to this one, although it has a little black in the print.

Jones New York may be packaging up some dresses for me, if I can't find them at my local Macy's, because really? This purple?

And hot pink? I LOVE THEM.

And I even found one with long sleeves. For fall. I can see this one with dressy black boots, can't you?

So. Even though Jones New York is not paying me for this post - although, I am totally OPEN to the idea of free dresses. I CAN be bought. Dresses and shoes would be a good start. Even though they are not paying me, I still recommend these dresses. I think they will wash well and travel well. Also important features for a travel blogger/writer/journalist.

Because? I will not be that person on the airplane with cut-off blue jeans shorts on.

You can pretty much count on it.


Bobbi said...

No, that'll be me in the cut-off blue jean shorts!

Lynda said...

Cute, cute!

Anne said...

Awesome selection.!! I adore the pink dress. Its absolutely stunning and hot.