Monday, May 11, 2009

I Now Have All The Shoes I Need. Except Purple. I Still Need Purple.

So, the other day I was leafing through one of my magazines and saw this ad for Payless.

And I set down the magazine, grabbed my purse and flew out the door.

OK. Not really. Because I already had on my sleeping pants and, really, once that happens you can forget about me leaving the house. Unless it is on fire. And even then I would have to actually see flames.

However. I did go the next day. Because I absolutely wanted needed these shoes. Desperately.

Because even though I have 5,291 a few pairs of shoes,

I do NOT HAVE YELLOW! And I am just a little embarrassed to admit that this photo is old and I might possibly have bought more shoes since I took it. But still no yellow! So, as you can see. This was practically a SHOE EMERGENCY.

So. Payless.

And, oh, Payless. How you disappointed me. Those shoes were so much cuter in the picture. In real life they were. Chunky. And sort of. Fat-making. And whatever we do, we do not want shoes that are fat-making. Because no matter how much we might weigh from the ankle up, we want our feet to look quite lovely and slim. So I was disappointed. Crushed. I managed to assuage my disappointment by buying one two OK THREE other pairs of shoes, but still. No yellow.

But. On Saturday I went to Danville to visit with my mom for Mother's Day and I popped in Shoe Sensation and there they were. And I have to stop at this point to tell you that I am EXTREMELY disappointed with my BFF Google because I could not find a picture of my completely fabulous little yellow sandals which were so fabulous I had to buy my daughter a pair as well to show you. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. And I could take a picture myself but I have on my sleeping pants and did you read above where it is hard to get things done once they are on?

So you will just have to close your eyes and visualize. Bright yellow. Kitten heel. DARLING. I am very happy.


This just made me realize I don't actually have a dark purple pair. Light purple, yes. But no dark purple.

The quest continues.


Liz Ross Brooks said...

Yes I have been looking for yellow sandals for three years. You discovered my Holy Grail of shoes. I am in your debt my liege.

Lucy's Mom said...

We are so much alike about shoes that it's ridiculous. Our taste and style is completely different but the numbers are undoubtedly similar. I have so many pairs of shoes, it's embarrassing. I have some coming in the mail this week and I'm trying to figure out how to explain the package. I hate the eyerolls when the shoe shaped box appears. Yes, I needed them!!! And they were on sale and downfall is the Internet. I have an easy to fit foot and so many websites, so little time.........

Lynda said...

Oh, you definitely need those purple shoes!

Bobbi said...

Okay, you've made me feel guilty - I may have to give up my crocs for a real pair of shoes!

By the way, I've been enjoying your daughter's blog - your grandson is A-Dor-A-Ble!!

Who's Your Audience said...

Are those for real your shoes? Do you wear a size 7? You've pretty much got a shoe for every one of my occasions! And you could so send them with your daughter since I work with her.

Deodand said...

As a person with square feet who cannot buy any shoes, let alone cheap ones, I must say: Harrumph!