Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Knew I Would Have To Write This Post Sooner Or Later


I'm just a teeny, tiny bit. Overwhelmed.

The Travel Blog is going famously and we are getting ready to share it with the 20,000 customers of the company which is quite marvelous but just a little. Overwhelming. The Herald-Leader blog is great and I love when they occasionally pluck a blog post from obscurity and put it in the print newspaper and I am totally FAMOUS for a few days but that is also. A little overwhelming. And this personal blog keeps me sane and lets me share all of my shoe shopping escapades and helps me remember that I am not the only shoe addict in the world or the only doting grandmother. But. Overwhelming. And I love my Google Reader and all my blogs and I love to read them every single day and keep up with them. But. Again. Overwhelming.

So I may have to back it up a bit. Get over my anal-retentive type A personality and learn that I don't have to write on this blog every. single. day. Even though those were the constraints I put myself under when I started. You can count on Tuesday and Friday because those are easy. And I'll do as many other days as I can when I am inspired. But maybe not. Every. Single. Day.

I'm sure you don't read every single thing I write on every single blog because you are probably overwhelmed too.

So what about this?

I'll write as much as I can. You read as much as you can.

And neither of us will be overwhelmed.

Sound good?


Liz Ross Brooks said...

I support your decision. Like most people you are in my RSS Reader, so when you post, it pops up. For all your blogs! The important thing is for you to enjoy writing, and if you are putting unrealistic exceptions on yourself that stress you out, you are not enjoying it. And we want you to love it!

Lynda said...

Sounds like a plan! I'll be here.

Lucy's Mom said...

Sounds good. You write, I'll read. I never could figure out how you could keep up with three blogs and a busy life as well. Glad to know that you are not really Wonder Woman. It's a bit intimidating to those of us who are older, slower and less energetic than you.

I'd rather be camping... said...

sounds good to me! cut it out being so overwhelmed...your retiring this year right?!?!?!?! take a deep breath and and enjoy it!

Bobbi said...

No matter how often you post, I'll be here reading. I have you blogrolled, so any new post automatically pops up!

Anonymous said...

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