Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Perfect Lipstick

When I was writing this post in my head on the way home from the mall the other day (luckily, I didn't forget it which all too often happens to those posts-in-my-head) some of it sounded kind of familiar so I went back and searched through my old posts and, sure enough, I had written about finding the perfect lipstick before. But it was two years ago so I'm not even going to link to it because you have probably forgotten all about it so this is like a TOTALLY new topic for you. At least, this is what I am telling myself.

I have been searching for the perfect lipstick for approximately 26 years. No, I am absolutely not kidding. It was 26 years ago that I was working in Public Relations for McDonald's. And by Public Relations I mean that I was the person who threw the birthday parties and gave the store tours. But I also worked with the advertising company on promotions, helped design coupons, etc. Also, I knew Ronald McDonald personally and even appeared in parades with him. God. The good old days. So I liked to pretend I was in Public Relations. I was actually the STAR for several stores back then and I just thought for a minute that Google would disappoint me but no. I was able to find information about the STAR's from the 80's. It was an acronym for the Store Activity Representative and, at one time, there were quite a few of us.

One of the STARs for some other stores in another town actually was in Public Relations. She did a lot more than I ever did as far as promotions and other cool stuff. But she was just generally cool. Her name was Sundae and she was absolutely the epitome of cool. Not only did she have a cool name - really, who else is named Sundae? - she had cool clothes and absolutely cool, long curly hair. But the coolest thing about her was her lipstick. It was a pinky/mauvey/browny color that matched her lips perfectly and was always perfectly applied, glossy and quite fabulous. I coveted that lipstick. But I was always too shy to ask her about it.

I thought I had found the perfect color a while back (the post I found was written in 2007 for God's sake) but it disappointed me. I have a new color from Clarins called...and I just went to check and it doesn't have a name. It is #02. This is probably the actual lipstick Sundae used because really? How cool do you have to be to NOT EVEN HAVE A NAME?

Pretty darn cool.

So we will see. If this lipstick can meet the test of time. Or disappear into the mists of old blog posts which I just vaguely remember. And you have probably long since forgotten.