Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well. At Least I Know What I'm Wearing To The Airport

Seriously. Does anyone else spend hours figuring out what they are going to wear to the airport when they go on a trip?

I read on one of my travel blogs how the blogger has given up on dressing nice for trips and now just wears sweat pants and a t-shirt to travel. SWEAT PANTS AND A T-SHIRT. Honestly. Can you see ME wearing sweat pants and t-shirt to...well...pretty much anywhere?

Well. There was that one time when I wore sleeping pants to the grocery. But that was a fluke. Would a person who has over 50 pairs of shoes wear sweat pants to travel?

Uh. Yeah. I now have a SHOE CLOSET. I got tired of rooting for my shoes and having them in a couple different locations so I went to Tarjay and bought several hanging shoe bags, then moved things around until voila! a closet just for shoes. It's just a good thing my children have moved out because, otherwise, their clothes would be, like, in a box somewhere. Because I have a SHOE CLOSET! And no room for any of their clothes.

And after I got them all hung up with my shoes tucked in them (arranged by color because I am totally anal) that I actually counted them and realized there were 50 pockets and they were all filled with shoes and I had a few pairs left over. And. That's just my summer shoes.

Oh! And. Remember when I said I really, totally needed dark purple shoes? Well, it turns out I HAVE dark purple shoes. I just didn't know it. And I am just a trifle embarrassed to tell you how many shoes I found that had NEVER BEEN WORN. So it's almost like I had a little mini shopping trip just by rearranging my shoes. And what is better than a shopping trip? Well. NOTHING, actually.

So my trip. And what to wear to the airport. The last couple of times I have traveled, I have actually gotten pretty good at packing and just taking a minimal amount of clothing. And shoes. IT'S TRUE! I'll never forget our first cruise where I took every color of shoe I owned and we stepped over that pile of shoes for a week. So I have learned to take, at most, two pairs. I know this is VERY DIFFICULT to believe but it is true. I have also learned to pare down my clothing until I have just a very few outfits that I can mix and match, usually just a few colors so they will go with the shoes I take.

It is at this point that I was going to lay out all my clothes, mix and match them and take pictures to show you. But since I got side tracked writing about the SHOE CLOSET, I have lost my impetus to finish this post and also because I might need some time to (heart-breakingly) take back my fabulous new purse because, even though I love it? When I put some stuff in it this morning and then picked it up, it weighed approximately 6,921 pounds. And that's without any snacks, books or magazines for the plane. Because GOD FORBID I should get hungry or not have any reading material on my trip to Cancun. So the purse has to go. And I'm back to a carry-on that I can drag on wheels. Where the amount of candy bar and cookies granola bars and fruit I pack will not matter.

So I'll have to write the packing post another day. With pictures. And annotations about each article of clothing.

I know you can't wait. Especially you, Tom.


Mindy said...

I know what you mean. For me it's all about layers. Even if I'm flying someplace warm, guaranteed I'll be freezing on the plane on the way there. I always have a thin sweater with me, and if I wear sandals I keep a little pair of socks in my bag just in case.

Pants are the worst thing to choose, in my opinion. I'm squirmy (thus my mandatory window seat with Tom in the middle seat). I'm loving that dresses are making such a great comeback. I'll be trying that route next time.

Can't wait to read your suggestions!