Monday, June 29, 2009

You Know You're Really Retired When They Give Your Mailbox To The New Girl

So I left work on Friday at 2:30 and walked out the door and I was retired.

It was little anticlimactic, I must say.

Everyone else had already left for the summer so it was just me and a bunch of construction guys in the back of the school who were jack hammering up the floor. And they really didn't care if I was retiring.

I had already been wined and dined and feted by all my friends and coworkers so it was just me there at the end.

But the end had actually come a little sooner than that.

When I had gone in the office to check and see if I had any last-minute mail I should take care of before I left.

And realized I no longer had a mailbox.

And the new girl had one.

It was an odd feeling.

Not bad. Not sad.

Just. Odd.


Nance said...

You should feel triumphant! It is un fait accompli! You are FREE!

I am tres jealous. Sigh.

Melissa said...

I stumbled upon your blog, and I can't even remember the trail that brought me here, but I'm so glad it did. I never leave comments, but you're funny and smart--a pleasure to read.