Friday, June 12, 2009

I Got Nothing. Again.

Those of you who read ALL my many blogs know I used the same post title this week when writing a post for the Lexington Herald-Leader. Although it's technically true that I got nothing today because I didn't have time to round up some fun Friday stuff for you, it's not because I have been doing nothing but because I have been doing so much.

Working long hours at school to finish up my final year, doing a complete inventory and trying to leave things ship-shape for the new librarian. Getting ready for my trip, shopping, packing, planning, organizing. This weekend is packed with last-minute errands on Saturday, lunch with my best girlfriends - my daughter, nieces and sister-in-law - and then a day with Thomas the tank engine on Sunday with the most perfect grandson in the world. I leave at the crack of dawn on Monday for Cancun so I need to have everything ready before then.

I'm taking my laptop and my Blackberry and hope to do some tweeting and possibly some live blogging but I'm not going to stop lazing on the beach or getting a massage or drinking a mojito to go inside and type on my computer. I know you understand.

So. You may not hear from me for a week. But I will be back in just a few days to share all my experiences and will be sharing more specific travel posts on the travel blog.

I wish you were going. I would like to have some friends along. But this may be an opportunity to make some new friends. I'm going to be out of my comfort zone and that's a good thing sometimes. It's just a little scary.

Talk to you soon.


Back Nine said...

Hasta Good Bye, Bye. Looking forward to your reports. What a way to retire from the library!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

have a great time on your trip!