Thursday, June 11, 2009

Packing For Cancun Or The Post Where You Find Out How Truly Anal I Really Am

So, I wrote about my Cancun trip here but I had also mentioned that I was going to share with you what I packed for the trip after I meandered onto another topic here. I got everything laundered, organized and mostly packed this past weekend even though I am not leaving for another week because.


Because I am a tad OCD. And I admit it. One of my friends at school was leaving on a trip to the beach the day after school was out and she had not packed a thing. The day before the trip. I got all a-flutter just thinking about the situation. If I was not completely packed and organized the day before a trip? The world would COME TO AN END. So. All packed and organized. And here is what I am taking.

This is what I'm wearing to the airport. White capris, bright turquoise racer-back top and a thin, white blouse open on top. I always like to have something I can slip on or off, depending on how cold the airport or airplane might be. When I arrive in Cancun, I'll just slip that sheer top into my bag and with my white pants and light top, I will be ready for the hot weather. And the pool. And the beach. And OMG I think I am having an excitement attack. Is there such a thing? There TOTALLY should be.

I have flat white sandals I am wearing which will go with other outfits as well. The turquoise top could also match the black capris I am taking, as well as the khaki shorts. And the sheer white blouse can go over the black and white sundress I am wearing one night in case it is chilly.

We will have dinner out four nights and I'm not sure if they will be dressy or not so I am taking two dresses and tops to dress up my black or white capris. Here's the two dresses. I'm taking dressy black sandals which will match either dress and will also match either pair of capris.

I figure out everything I am going to wear with an outfit, from jewelry to underwear and put that in the suitcase with the outfit. Because it would be a catastrophe BEYOND PROPORTION to not have the right earrings for the outfit.

I'm taking two pairs of capris - black and white.

If I wear a dressy top and sandals with them, they will be fine for dinner out.

Or I can dress them down to wear during the day.

All of the tops I am taking can be worn with either black or white.

I'm only taking one pair of casual shorts, since I want to look a little more professional when we are touring properties. I chose khaki because I can wear any of my tops with them. I'm packing three bright colored tank tops which will match the shorts or the capris. They can be worn singly or layered and I could even wear the black one over my bathing suit if I need to.

Bathing suit, coverup, cute black straw hat. Ready for the beach!

Silky short nightgown and matching robe. I would not have been quite so well coordinated but I thought I was sharing a room with a stranger and did not want to shock them with my hot flash-induced nudity. I think the robe will come in handy to throw on while I do my hair, etc.

And finally. Because I will NEVER be caught without food while traveling again like the time Tom and I cockily thought we would eat at the airport on the way home from Puerto Vallarta and just about starved when we were hustled through the conncting airport because our flight was late. We literally went 12 hours without food. When we got to the airport in Lexington, we fell on a chocolate bar from the vending machine like a pack of ravening coyotes. Never again.

And there you have it. I'm ready to go. You can read all about the trip on my travel blog when I return or check Twitter for some live tweeting. Hopefully.

If I can get my new Blackberry Storm to cooperate. Because she does think I'm rather an idiot.


Lynda said...

You are SO organized!

Liz Brooks said...

I would make fun of you for all this. But.
I do the same thing.
Learned from the best!

Lucy's Mom said...

I thought I was organized about packing until I "met" you. Wow! Very impressive. You'll look great. My only comment - I can't believe you're traveling in white. I guess I've had one too many cokes in my lap and endless drips down my front to consider traveling in anything but dark colors. An entire Diet Coke in the lap of your black pants doesn't show at all. Did you know that? I do.

Nance said...

Chocolate snax and white? Even the M&Ms can get melty...just a thought.

Anonymous said...

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