Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Washing Hands and Chocolate Pudding. Not Necessarily In That Order.

Art Class is over for the Summer. Wes and I went to the last class on Friday. So, here's a little pictorial history lesson to help you share the whole experience with our little Van Gogh. And me.

They had smocks for the little guys to wear. Our little guy was a little too little for the smock. One of the funniest things all week was when we were singing our animals of the forest song, which we sang every day until the lyrics were drilled into my freakin' skull...uh, I mean, until we just enjoyed ourselves so much! The last day we sang the song, Wes really got into it. As soon as we started singing, his head started bobbing. And you know in Flashdance that scene where she is dancing her feet so fast and so hard, it just makes you tired? Yeah, his feet started doing that. If only I had a video of it. Because I know you don't believe me. But I swear. It happened.

When we went outside to fly our kites, someone accidentally squeezed their keys in their purse and set off their car alarm. Wes is trying to figure out who the dodo was who did this. That could totally happen to anyone. I'm just saying.

Wes kept trying to make Mimi stroke out by persisting in trying to draw with a sharp pencil. Finally, Mimi hid the pencils and told him they were "all gone!". Please don't tell him. I will lose all credibility.

One of the most fun activities was painting with colored shaving cream. Until Wes realized it was stuck to his hands. We had to make an emergency trip to the bathroom to wash our hands. Like, RIGHT NOW, Mimi. Get this crap OFF ME!! Which was fine, because in all actuality? I think he enjoyed the hand washing in the little kid bathroom more than any of the art projects combined. It would have saved me a lot of money if we had just gone to the Center and washed our hands every day.

On the last day of class, we had a special treat which consisted of chocolate pudding and crushed oreo cookies to simulate dirt with gummy worms stuck in it. A fitting end to our forest animals unit. The teacher put the rest of the oreo cookies in a bag. Wes knew they were in that bag. He wanted more. He pointed an accusing finger at the bag and looked at me. "Kee-kees." He said it very clearly. The boy is a genius. I'm already looking forward to next summer.
The accusingly pointed finger.


Barbara said...

Looks like so much fun!

Nikky said...

That sounds like a great time for Wes and Gramma, wish my kids had that opportunity when they were younger.

You're lucky to have him so close (we moved 5 hours away from my mom when the kids were young) I would tell you to enjoy it while it lasts, but judging from the photos, you definately are doing that already!