Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer In The City

Here is a schedule for my typical day when I am working.

1. Get to school at 7:00 a.m. to meet the students who put on the morning show.

2. Teach a kindergarten class.

3. Work on a book order.

4. Teach a fifth grade class.

5. Shelve some books.

6. Teach a third grade class.

7. Help a teacher pull some materials for a lesson.

8. Have lunch.

9. Teach a first grade class.

10. Work on the school web pages.

11. Teach a second grade class.

12. Help with bus duty.

13. Stay after school for a committee meeting.

14. Go to another school for a district librarian's meeting.

15. Go home. Tidy the house, do a load of laundry, make dinner, clean the kitchen.

Here is my schedule for a typical summer day.

1. Sleep until I am ready to get up.

2. Wander into the kitchen in my pajamas and have some breakfast, while reading my book.

3. Check my email.

4. Work on my blog. Read my blogs.

5. Read for a little while.

6. Try to decide whether I should get dressed.

7. Decide not to.

8. Have some lunch.

9. Read some more.

10. Try to decide whether to go to the Y and exercise.

11. Decide not to.

12. Read some more.

13. Check my email. Write a blog post

14. Read some more.

15. Decide I should probably get dressed before Tom gets home.

16. Take a leisurely bath and get dressed.

17. Make a light dinner.

18. Watch TV until bedtime.

19. Go to bed.

20. Do not set the alarm.

I have to go back to school in a week. Sigh. I love summer.


Anonymous said...

I hate to see this summer schedule come to an end as well!

Lunch was great! Thanks for organizing it!


Elizabeth said...

Be honest-summers off were a big plus when you decided to go to school to be a teacher!!

Nikky said...

Being a student, I too, LOVE the summer! My kids and I are all dreading the beginning of September... and your 20 step day is really similiar to mine, and I agree, it is the best!