Monday, July 16, 2007

Just A Few Strawberries

So, I had a late breakfast today. I just wasn't really hungry when I got up, so I waited a little while and made some scrambled eggs and a chocolate VitaMuffin (which, seriously? Order some.). I didn't really want much lunch, but I thought I would want a little bit of something. So, while I was out running around, I thought, oh, you know what? I have some of those little containers of cottage cheese. And that would be such a nice, light lunch with some fresh strawberries. So, I stopped at the store to get some fresh strawberries to slice and have with some cottage cheese.

And I spent $47.00.


How does that happen? Well, here's how.

1. OK, got the strawberries. Wait, maybe I should get some lettuce. I can make that blue cheese lettuce wedge salad that Tom likes for dinner. Now, I need blue cheese dressing, crumbled blue cheese and bacon bits. And tomato.

2. Ooooooh. Those avocados look good. Those would be really nice sliced for lunch. I think I'll get a couple. Ooooooh, fresh watermelon. That would be so good.

3. Maybe that's not quite enough for lunch. What about some of that good confetti slaw they have in the deli? OK. Hmmmm. That seafood salad looks good. And the Thai chicken salad too. And, ooooh, I love their pimento cheese. But I need some crackers to spread that pimento cheese on.

4. Ooooh, cereal. I'm out of cereal. I think I'll try this kind too. I don't like to have just one kind of cereal.

5. Oh, yeah, I need hamburger buns. And bread. And some milk. Let me see? Anything else?

6. $47.00??????

And that's just how it happens.


Lucy's Mom said...

I frequently go to the store for "something" and come home with $50 dollars worth of groceries. I can totally relate. I think we all can. Supermarkets are made to "draw you in" and coax your money out of you. Read "The Hidden Persuaders" by Vance Packard. It's enlightening.

Nikky said...

I do that too, but my list is never good things like avacados, tomatoes and strawberries. I end up with chips, ho-ho's, ice cream sandwiches, stuff like that!
Be happy that your $47 won't go directly to your mine will!