Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Now What Was I Going to Do?

My nose was really stuffed up last night. Allergies, I guess. So, I got up from the computer and headed back to the bathroom to get some allergy medicine. On my way back there, I decided I might as well change into my pajamas because we would be starting the nightly Stargate Marathon soon. So, I put on my pajamas and came back to the computer.

Damn. I forgot the allergy medicine. So I went back down the hall and saw that Wes had left a toy car by the door of his room. I'll just put that away so I don't trip over it in the night. I put it away and picked up a few toys, then came back to the computer and sat down.

Damn. The allergy medicine. So I went back down the hall to the bathroom and noticed I had left my retainers out and they really needed to be washed and put away. So I did that and saw my chewable calcium in the drawer and remembered I had forgotten to take that, so I took some and came back to the computer.

Daaaaaaaamn. I forgot the allergy medicine again. I got up to get it and the phone rang. I answered it, talked to a friend for a few minutes about plans to get together for lunch next week and that's so nice, I'm glad she called. I want to hear all about her vacation and...

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. Allergy medicine. I went down the hall and into the bathroom and got the allergy medicine and took some. Finally.

Now. Where did I leave my glasses?


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should just keep the alergy medicine NEXT TO THE COMPUTER.....(?)

Since that seems to be the center of your attention...


Lucy's Mom said...

You have described my daily life. So frustrating.

Nikky said...

I do that, too! Sometimes it's allergy medication, and sometimes it's food! I cannot seem to cook if the kitchen is messy, so I clean that, and when I go to put something away in THAT room, I end up cleaning in there. Suddenly 2 hours have passed, my house is clean, but my stomach is still empty!
Funny how our thoughts jump from one thing to the next sometimes! Glad I'm not the only one!

Barbara said...

Thank heavens I'm not alone!