Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's Not the Prom, But...

In 1970, I was 17 years old. I was excited about the most FABULOUS event of my life, up to that point. The prom. My mom made me a Scarlett O'Hara dress, white lace with a very full skirt, fitted to my tiny, tiny (tiny) waist and with a pink velvet ribbon that tied in the back. I had big (big) hair twisted up in curls, intertwined with matching pink velvet ribbon. I was wonderful. I was THE BOMB. Sigh.

And now I'm going to tell you about the most exciting event in my life this week. Redoing my bathroom. That's right. I lead the most exciting life of ANY LIVING HUMAN BEING. But, seriously, though. New towels? New baskets? A NEW KLEENEX HOLDER. Catch me, I'm fainting.

I had to do SOMETHING. We bought a new bed last week. And, wow, did you know new beds are really expensive? Well, they are. We got rid of our water bed we have had for (ahem) a few years (25) so we haven't bought a new bed in quite some time. We knew we wanted an oak sleigh bed to matching our existing bedroom suite and we knew we wanted a big ole huge, comfy mattress. So, we got all that. But it TOTALLY used up my budget for the entire bedroom. So, no new carpet and paint. Tom took the purse strings, tied them into a double knot and slapped at my scrabbling hands as I tried to spend more money. So I was reduced to fixing up the bathroom as economically as possible. And finding a new comforter as economically as possible. So, you know how everyone talks about Target and how fabulous it is? Well, it TOTALLY is. I got everything I needed for less than...well, never mind. Tom reads this. And he might get a little tiny stroke if he finds out what I paid for a Kleenex holder and some baskets.

But it TOTALLY transformed the bathroom. OK, I may be getting just a little carried away with TOTALLY today. But, really. It did. Look. Here's the old bathroom. I didn't even clean it beforehand, so you could get the full effect of the transformation!

Now, look! Wouldn't you get carried away with saying TOTALLY also?

This may not compare to a prom. But new baskets! A new picture on the wall! Flowers! Hey. I take my excitement where I can get it these days.