Friday, July 27, 2007

First Date

Flash Back Friday

I've been writing and thinking a lot lately about memory loss. It is annoying that I have forgotten so much of my life.

But I do remember a few things. It's funny how they stand out in my memory.

I remember the first date with my husband, so I thought it would be interesting to have him write his perspective on our first date and then post them together to see the different points of views. Interesting and funny. But, when I asked him, he didn't remember enough details to write about it. He DIDN'T REMEMBER!

But I do. It was a blind date. Actually, I found out later that he had seen me at a fraternity party, but I had never seen him. So I guess it was half of a blind date. I was working at Walden Book Store at the mall and he picked me up there. He walked in. Oh. My. God. He was wearing yellow pants. And a flowered shirt. And shoes with big heels. (Giving him the benefit of the doubt, it WAS 1975. But still.) He also had the bluest eyes I have ever seen. The same eyes our grandson has now.

We were going to see "Jaws" (the first one) but we had some time, so we sat by the fountain in the mall and we talked. I'll never forget it. He told me a story about old Buck and the one and only horseback riding experience he had ever had. They neglected to tell him that old Buck fell down a lot. He had me laughing so hard I almost peed in my pants. And that was long before I had children, became middle-aged and actually, occasionally, do pee in my pants a little when I laugh hard.

We had a great time together. I ended up almost in his lap at the movie, I was so terrified. I guess he probably liked that. We got pizza for dinner. We made plans to see each other the next day. We were never really apart after that.

And he still makes me laugh. Every day.


barbara said...

I have tears in my eyes! What a touching story!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we can look back and laugh at the yellow pants that I had on then, but honestly, they were extremely HIP at the time.


Librarian Girl said...

Hey Mrs. Who! Thanks for commenting at my blog! What a sweet post for me to see on my first trip over to yours.

I'll be back!

Linda said...

It's a nice thing that humor outlasts the color of a wardrobe. Nice post, as always. Linda

Jacquelyn said...

I love it! So cute!

Jessica said...

Such a great story...even if he didn't remember it! :)