Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Probably Watch Way Too Much TV. Probably.

So, have you seen "Samantha Who?" It's a really cute and quirky new show with Christina Applegate, who I think is just hilarious and lovable. I never watched "Married with Children" but I loved her in "Jesse". Yeah, I bet you never heard of the show or watched it. We were probably the only people in the United States watching it. Might just POSSIBLY be the reason it went off the air. But Diego. Oh, my God, he was cute. Anyway. Back to Samantha.

Tom was really not remotely interested in watching this show so he conveniently forgot to put it on our DVR to record. I almost said tape, but I know it's really record. It's just hard to remember after years of TAPING stuff on the VCR that we now RECORD on the DVR. And could we have just one more acronym to remember, please? Anyway. Again.

I wanted to see it, he had not RECORDED it so I went to my trusty computer and, for the very first time, I streamed a TV show and watched it.

It was. Fabulous. Tom was watching something else - probably that stupid "Survivor" which I gave up on a long time ago. How many times can you watch people get a rash from wearing their bathing suit for 6,591 hours or eat a bug? I have reached my limit, let me tell you. So, I perched in the chair with a cushion on my lap (that laptop can burn the fire out of your legs when it has been on a while), put the laptop on the cushion, plugged in my headphones and streamed the lost episodes. We were both lost in our electronic worlds. So romantic. We did share an occasional laugh. Well. I laughed and he looked over like I was crazy. I guess when someone is sitting there in silence with headphones on and then bursts out into laughter, it might look like they are slightly mentally deficient.

But the point of this post. Whaaaat? Of course I have a point. I found a list of all the ways you can watch TV shows now and it's mind boggling. I'm going to have to go down this list and check out some of the other shows I have missed because Mr. I-am-in-control-of-the-DVR didn't want to watch that show. Just because I don't actually understand how to use the remote we have. Or how to use the DVR. Or, if I'm being totally honest. How to turn everything on.

And finally. Here's the link to the ways to watch TV. Without actually having a TV.



sarah said...

I had no idea bout all of these options...but I will say that one week, for some unknown reason our DVR cut off the last ten minutes of Heroes...HORROR! So, we just went straight into the office and watched it on the computer. IT. WAS. AWESOME. No more begging someone who is a really good and discriptive story teller to sit down and tell you what REALLY happened!

DebbieDoesLife said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today. The content is not usually that disgusting!

I heard that Samantha Who was really cute. I need to go and stream it!