Friday, December 14, 2007

For Fun Friday

Enjoy these tidbits. And have a great weekend.

Ever wanted to be an elf? Did you ever want a family member to be an elf? Well. Here ya go! (Thanks
to Don't Feed Him Crackers for this one.)

Here's a site where you can come up with 43 things you want to change in your life and share those goals with others (if you want). It's pretty interesting to see what you have in common with others - like visiting Europe. I could only come up with 7, so I'll have to think about this some more. If you choose, the site will remind you about your goals and check your progress.

Check out this gorgeous Christmas card from Ashland University.

OK. How well do you know the states? I did POORLY on this test. How did you do?


sarah said...

Well, maybe I should not really be this proud about this, but I did get 7/10 questions right on the state test! Plus, I missed the Vermont vs. New Hampshire one...nobody can remember which one is which!