Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Crank It Up, Soulja Boy.

So, I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. A friend who does not work with kids. And I mentioned "Soulja Boy". "Soldier Boy?" she replied. "Who is Soldier Boy?" I was...taken aback. I thought EVERYONE knew about Soulja Boy. The song. The dance. The phenomenon. "It's not Soldier Boy," I corrected. "It's Soulja Boy. It's...this dance thing." And I referred her to youtube.

It's funny how, when you are surrounded by people who are familiar with something, you take for granted that everyone in the world knows all about it. When my kids were little, I thought everyone knew about He-man figures and Care Bears. In reality, only those of us with small children knew those toys even existed.

I first found out about Soulja Boy when two of my kindergarten students were singing and dancing while waiting for the day care van after school one day. Just this week, some of the tech kids were demonstrating it for Brian, our wonderful university student helper. As I watched them dancing and demonstrating the perfect "Superman" move, I thought about how, in a couple of years, when I am not working in a school anymore and am happily retired, I won't know about things like Soulja Boy anymore.

And it made me just a tiny bit...sad.


Anonymous said...

No, but we'll have more important things to think about....right?

(the Anticipation phase...?)

(and VERY much looking forward to the Liberation phase...)


Lucy's Mom said...

Your point is well taken. I never heard of "Soulja Boy" until now. No little kids in my life, only big kids. Don't be sad. You never miss what you don't even know about.