Monday, December 3, 2007

Godzilla Becomes Nacho Libre

Luckily, we were not absolutely the worst team at the competition. Another robot fell to pieces as they tried to make him perform. At least, Nacho Libre didn't fall apart on the job. Oh, did I forget to tell you? Godzilla became Nacho Libre after the kids noticed the similarities.

Separated at birth?

When we got to the event, we immediately noticed that Nacho Libre was going to have some stiff competition.

Like this.

And this. Nacho Libre didn't exactly resemble either of these robots.

We had programmed him to complete one task - move the dam across the river. But the students figured out pretty quickly that Nacho's one ability - move forward very quickly and attempt to destroy the village - also gave him the ability to do some other tasks. Our quick-thinking robot wrangler managed to force Nacho to do three tasks before he made a getaway and attempted to use the power lines to take down the city.

So, we didn't lose. In fact, we won!

OK, we didn't technically win the entire competition. And we didn't win for best programmers. Or best in robot design. But we won for MOST INNOVATIVE ROBOT.

I guess they had never seen a robot quite like Nacho Libre.

And probably never will again.