Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Things I Have Said to My Elementary Students

Don't put your head in there.
Don't you dare wipe that there.
Don't climb on that.
Close the window. Because it's freezing outside.
In the future, it's OK to run in the hall if you have to throw up.
Don't kiss him again. He doesn't like it.
Don't ever say that word again.
Pick that up and put it in the trash can.
Cover your mouth.
That's not polite.
Stop talking.
Stop running.
Next time, just ask if you can go to the bathroom.
Stop jumping on my desk. Save it for recess.
Because I said so.
Please don't be rude.
Put your shirt sleeves back on.
Pull your pants up. Your bottom is going to show.
Oh, I'm sure she's still your friend.
Yes, I'll tie your shoes.
Yes, I'll fix your hair bow.
Yes, I'll zip up your pants.
No, I already ordered some wrapping paper/candy/popcorn/Girl Scout cookies/candles.
You'll have to ask your mom and dad about that.
Please don't tell me he cutted in line again or I will have a stroke.
There is no prize for getting to the classroom first.
Go to the end of the line. Because you pushed him.
I don't know why she died. That was sad, wasn't it?
I'm not sure which book with the yellow cover you are talking about; can you tell me more about it?
Thank you. It's beautiful. I'll hang it up right here.
You did such a great job.
Thank you for setting such a great example.
You are so talented.
That was really nice of you.
I love that book too. I'm so glad you like it.


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Who, what about your all time favorite. Excuse me!
Why don't you send a list of what the students have said to you.
I remember the time,Melissa (down syndrome) called me to her computer. Come quick my computer IS FROSTED! She meant frozen. You gotta love them. Raggedy Ann

Edna said...

I love this! I read your post at school but couldn't comment until I got home since I can't remember anything as well (like my password)
I love your blog. It makes me laugh and feel better. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I read this yesterday morning and just so happened I had a funny yesterday afternoon. I asked a 1st grader "Did you really wipe your boogers on him?" Then I began to laugh after I said it because I remembered your post.