Monday, February 5, 2007

Not So Funny Blogaholic

I am not quite a blogaholic yet. (And I thought I should make some serious bucks for making up this word, but no, someone beat me to it.) But I'm getting there. I'm going to have to exert a modicum of self-control or I could easily spend days doing nothing but reading about total strangers and their lives. Once my daughter pointed out (to my dismay) that some of the many people reading my blog (I was excitedly counting the numbers.) could have come upon it by accident instead of actively searching for a FANTASTIC BLOG, simply by clicking on "Next Blog" at the top of the web site, I began clicking that myself, just out of curiosity.

Whoa. What an experience. I haven't found any blogs I want to link to yet (my actual goal) but I have learned some stuff about the world.

1. There are some really weird people out there.

2. There are a lot of people who don't live in America and speak English. Who knew?

Seriously, though, some of the people who post are...idiots. Banal listings of every detail of their indescribably boring day. Of course, my blog has fascinating, mesmerizing details of my boring days. It's all in your point of view, I guess.

And perhaps I shouldn't be so judgemental about being idiotic, since I occasionally fall into that very category myself.

I was reading a book last night that had a passage that made me laugh out loud. She was talking about a friend of hers who had some extra time before an appointment, so she called a friend on her cell phone. They chatted for a few minutes, then she glanced in her purse and saw her empty cell phone case. "Oh, darn", she said. "I've lost my cell phone!" Wait, that's not the worst of it. Her friend (who was ON THE PHONE with her) said "Let's retrace your steps and maybe we can find it." I thought that was hilarious. Yesterday.

This morning, I used my glasses for, like, an hour. Then, I did a few other things, started another project and realized I needed my glasses. I went to my glasses case, opened it up - empty. I was extremely annoyed. Darn, I forgot my glasses at home. Seriously. I thought that. Then I remembered they were lying right where I left them. That story is not quite so hilarious this morning.

See. Not quite so judgemental.


sarah said...

yes, sometimes I think I could use Blogaholics Anonymous! I am not as bad as I used to be. It should get better with time!

boo said...

You can totaly get sucked in! You think "I'll just read for a little bit" and you look up and 3 hours have gone by! I have had to set time limits for myself (no kidding!!) It's craziness! I have never noticed the "next blog" link on blogger, I'll have to check that out!

Lucy's Mom said...

Not that I'm a blogaholic or anything, but I've also have been searching for some interesting new blogs in between writing entries to my blog. You guys found some to share, so I wanted to share too. After wading through the weirdo's, the sex crazed, the Bible thumpers and the non-English speaking for a while, I actually found a couple of good ones. I have added them to my favorite blogs listing. One is a preacher, but not a Bible thumper, and the other is a crazed single Mom who writes very funny and, sometimes very sad, stuff. One of her kids sounds like a psycho!!