Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Is your package ready to MAIL??

I mail a lot of packages. I list and sell on Ebay, so I mail a lot of packages. My packages are always neatly packed with a preprinted label. Even when I have to stand in line to send something by Airmail, the item is IN THE PACKAGE. I realize I have learned a lot about the packing and mailing process in the last couple of years, but come on.

What's with the people who don't have their packages ready? I'm not talking about those who haven't sealed their packages because they don't, apparently, own tape (Duh, they DO sell tape EVERYWHERE) or don't have a label (Again, Duh) or need to look up a zip code. I'm talking about those people who walk in the Post Office with their item, like literally a little outfit for precious Suzie's birthday, not even in a package. They have no envelope or package, no label, no tape. Just a clueless look. And an expectation that the clerk at the counter will help them package up their items and get them in the mail. And, because the clerks at the Post Office (at least at some branches) are nice, understanding people, they do help them get everything ready to mail.

Meanwhile, I am standing there in line with my nicely sealed package, just waiting to send it by Airmail. Tapping my foot. Getting more annoyed.

I think they should have two lines at the Post Office. One that says "Get in Line Here if You Have Packed, Taped, Sealed and Labeled Your Package and Are Ready To Go Home Because You Have Worked Hard All Day Teaching Children Not To Wipe Boogers On Each Other Because It Is Not Polite" (OK, maybe that could be slightly shorter. Or not quite so specific.)

And the other one says "Clueless Losers Who Are Holding Their Items In Their Hands And Are Not At All Ready To Mail Them".

What? It could work.


boo said...

You are soooo right! Ebay sellers around the world are cheering for the signs to be installed ASAP!! :)

LizzyBee said...

You're crackin me up today