Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Hair is Perfect

My hair is perfect today. It is not only a good hair day, it's a perfect hair day. The cut is just exactly the right length, not too short, not too grown out. The color is perfect, the streaks are not too grown out, the red has not faded out from the blonde. It worked with me and styled perfectly this morning. Not too sticky-uppy, just sticky-uppy enough. Perfect.

Sigh. It won't last. In just a matter of a week or so it will be too long. Just that extra 1/2 inch or inch makes a big difference when your hair is short. It gets too long to style just right. And roots. Serious gray/brown, unattractive roots. I would like to freeze this moment in time.

We have become serious "Angel" fanatics - not the winged, heavenly kind, the vampire kind. We never watched it when it was on tv but have caught up by watching them on DVD. We are so obsessed we even watched them (and "Buffy") twice because we were afraid we had missed some things. We really enjoy watching them together and discussing them. It's one of those silly things that everyone else thinks is nutsy that we share.

Anyway. On an episode we watched just the other night some young scientist-type guy had figured out a way to make a machine that would literally freeze a moment of time. He was losing his girlfriend so he decided to freeze the last moment they would be together in bed. (And is that a guy for you? He's going to freeze one moment of their relationship and it's that last moment of ecstasy? Please. What about all those other, tender, special moments? Oh, I forgot. He's a guy.) He doesn't realize he is creating some kind of flux capacitor thing (wait, that's "Back to the Future" - whatever, some scientific gizmo) that is going to end the world as we know it. So, the good guys have to save the day.

But the idea is appealing. I'd like to freeze this time when my hair is perfect. Or the time Tom and l climbed that waterfall in Jamaica. Or the look on my daughter's face when she got that My Little Pony castle for Christmas. But...not really.

Because what that guy never thought of - but I do - is that, while those moments are perfect and all.

The next one might be even better.


Lucy's Mom said...

You are oh so right. We never know what's around the next corner. And I can so relate to the hair thing, particularly the length. My hair, when freshly cut, is too short for two weeks, then perfect for two weeks, then too long for two weeks. I think I might like to "freeze" those middle two weeks!!