Friday, February 16, 2007

Dieting and Other Horrors

The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight because by then, your body and your fat are really good friends.

OK, I lied about the other horrors. This is just about dieting. I just thought you might be interested. Since you are probably not interested, go on and read those other blogs. I know you want to. Go on.

Whew, I thought she would never leave.

As mentioned previously, I am waging the battle against fat rolls on my back and thighs that audibly rub together when I walk. In this process (which has see-sawed back and forth so often over the years, I feel like I'm getting diet whiplash), I have discovered some foods that are really pretty good and work pretty well, if I will just stick to the diet. I'm sure you have some too, so send 'em on in a comment and, if I get a ton of comments (one can only hope), I'll put them together for you in another diet tips post.

Have you tried the 100-calorie packages of cookies and cracker snacks from Kraft and Nabisco? They have been around for a while, but they are coming out with more every day. They now have little, bitty (they are so CUTE) cheese balls and Cheetos in those little packages. They are not really diet food as such, but since they are packaged in 100-calorie amounts, they provide portion control - an important part of dieting. If you have the time and the inclination (and nothing else to do with your life), you could do the same thing by opening a big bag and measuring out the same amount into dozens of little plastic sandwich bags. What you don't want to do is open a big bag and think you can just eat a handful. Not that I would EVER do that. It just makes a nice lunch to have one of these with a turkey sandwich on whole-wheat bread.

If you like muffins for breakfast or even for a snack, you should try the Vitalicous Muffins. You have to order them online but they are SO worth it. The big ones are only 3 points and the smaller ones and the muffin tops are only 1 point. They are heavy, dense, fruit and nut packed and sweet and delicious. I have tried other low-fat muffins and they taste like sawdust. Even the Weight Watcher muffins are not good. They are small and too sweet for my taste. I like all the varieties of these, but I think my favorite is the chocolate with white chocolate chips muffin tops. At 1 point each, you can eat two just like a cookie and feel like you are having a great dessert. Sometimes, I put one in a bowl, drizzle a little low fat caramel ice cream topping on it, add whipped cream and cherry and have a great dessert for about 2 points. You have to order quite a few, so when you get the box, just pop the whole thing in your freezer. They freeze great. When are ready to eat one, just take it out in it's individual package and microwave it.

Are you eating dark chocolate? It's really the best chocolate for you since it's packed with anti-oxidants (which you know unless you have been living in a cave on Jupiter for the last year). I have tried several kinds and don't even waste your time with the cheaper brands - they taste like plastic. Go straight for the expensive stuff like Lindt Chocolates or Ghiradelli. You can order either online, but they are also available at most grocery stores. Just remember to have a small piece, not the whole bar. While we are talking about candy, the new Hershey's Snacksters are really good. They are 100 calorie packages that include cereal puffs, tiny cookies and either chocolate or peanut butter chips. Hershey's Sticks are little 60-calorie candy bars that are also good. And Hershey's also has bars of dark chocolate and chocolate covered pretzels which are 100-calorie.

I have also discovered Cocoa Via heart healthy snacks. They make bars of chocolate as well as chocolate covered almonds and raisins. It is all dark chocolate, so they are good and good for you. One of my favorites is the chocolate and blueberry bar. Sounds weird, but it's good. They vary in points value, but most are 2-3 points.

Of course, I should be eating tons of fruits and vegetables instead of some of this snack stuff and I am doing that to a certain extent. It's a process and I'm getting there. When I eat one of those little 100-calorie treats, I tell myself "You know, you could be having two apples for the same amount of points. And it would be better for you." Sometimes, I actually listen to myself and have an apple.

Oh, but I also usually cut it into pieces and dip it into that fat-free caramel dip you can get in individual servings.

Hey - I'm getting better! How are you doing on your diet?


boo said...

Oooo, thanks for the suggestions!! Another sweet treat without a lot of cal/fat is a cool whip "ice cream" sandwich. Just put cool whip (they have fat free & sugar free) btw 2 graham crackers and freeze. Chris and I both love them! They are 2 points.