Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Real Life and Pants Without Elastic in the Waist

I just had a cup of hot chocolate from my new Keurig coffee maker and let me right here and now give a shout-out to my sister-in-law who insisted that my husband would LOVE this coffee maker when we were out Christmas shopping.

I was hesitant since we already had a perfectly good coffee maker but she praised the Keurig so highly and I needed ideas for presents since he had never technically given me a Christmas list that I bought it. His idea of a Christmas list is on Christmas Eve when he says something like "Oh, by the way, I need some sweatshirts. Did you buy me some sweatshirts for Christmas"?

He used to do something similar when we went on trips where the night before he would mention that OH YEAH he needed some new underwear. I'm wise to him now. I pack his suitcase days in advance so he can't spring any underwear surprises on me. And now that I have written the phrase "underwear surprises" I keep envisioning a variety of situations where that phrase would be accurate which might or might not include someone dancing with underwear on their head. And now I have to make it clear that he has never, ever, ever danced with underwear on his head. I just have a vivid imagination.

So. Hot Chocolate. And the Keurig coffee maker. It is at this point that the clouds should part, you should hear an angelic choir singing and a single ray of bright golden sunlight should beam down to bathe my Keurig coffee maker in a glow. Because? I frakkin' love that thing.

I am not a coffee drinker. That stuff is naaaaasty. No matter how much caramel or chocolate or whipped topping and cinnamon sprinkles you put on it, it's STILL COFFEE. Coffee drinkers do not get this. They are all "Taste it! It's so good! You will LOOOOVE it". Uh, yeah. NO. I will not love it. I hate coffee.

Hot chocolate, on the other hand, is TO DIE FOR. Good hot chocolate with whipping topping on it. I knew that the Keurig was capable of making other drinks in addition to coffee. You buy these little K-cups that fit into the machine, it runs hot water through them and you can make hot chocolate, hot tea, even hot apple cider. I didn't really think it would be good. But I was willing to give it a try.

On Christmas day, we set up the Keurig and I proceeded to make hot chocolate for the entire family to go along with the festive platter of homemade Christmas cookies and candy I had made. This was about the time the ray of sunlight began to bathe the Keurig in a golden glow which has not dissipated yet. I learned to put a little milk in the cup and heat it first in the microwave, then add the hot chocolate. I learned that whipped topping is absolutely necessary for the perfect cup.

It was so good and delicious and wonderful and filling that I actually just had hot chocolate for breakfast one day. And then I was all "I never had any breakfast! This is great! Think of all the Weight Watcher points I am saving"! Because even though I realize you are supposed to eat a healthy breakfast, those Christmas cookies and candies have settled right in, realized they have a good home in my stomach and thigh fat and are planning on a very, very long visit. So less points = smaller thighs. This is the kind of math equation I can live with.

So, this morning after I had my cup of delicious hot chocolate, as I was licking the whipped topping off my lips, I decided it was about time to start tracking with Weight Watcher again. Vacation was over and it was time to take down the Christmas tree and get serious about wearing some real pants instead of flannel sleeping pants with an elastic waist.

I got out the Dark Chocolate k-cups box and the whipped topping container and opened the Weight Watcher site. And then I had the most crushing disappointment of the Christmas season right next to trying on my new, annual Christmas pajamas and finding they didn't fit. (No, they were too BIG.) My fabulous, delicious and weight-conscious cup of hot chocolate? That I was drinking to cut back on the points? Was 4 frakkin' points.

How ANNOYING. This is quite a setback. I might actually have to stop drinking hot chocolate every single morning. Or possibly make it without the whipped topping. Or the milk. Or wait! I just checked the canned whipped topping and it has 0 points! OK, fat-free milk...canned whipped topping. I can do this.

Or maybe I can just exercise a little more. Hmmm...50 minutes of walking is about 4 points.

See you later!