Sunday, January 23, 2011

Geographically Impaired

Because my husband is a trifle obsessed about his socks (tube socks but not JUST tube socks, OVER THE CALF tube socks) and I had scoured the entire town for the correct socks, I finally gave in and ordered some from Amazon. And incidentally? Has anyone else noticed that Amazon is, like, taking over the world? First they were this little, quirky online bookstore and, somehow, overnight, you can now order everything from kid puzzles to iPhone covers to curtains to (and now we are CLOSE to being back on subject) SOCKS. And yes, I have ordered everything on that list from Amazon and as soon as I post this, I'll think of a few more.

So we were watching TV a little while ago - actually he was watching FOOTBALL and don't EVEN get me started - when he suddenly said "Where are my socks? What, are they making them in Bangladesh?"

After I finished laughing because seriously? BANGLADESH? Where did that come from? And could there possibly be a country name that sounds more hilarious? And is Bangladesh even a country anymore? Or are they one of those tricky countries like Siam which became Thailand?

Because here's the thing. I am seriously handicapped when it comes to geography. SERIOUSLY. If it wasn't for The Google Machine, I wouldn't have a frakkin' clue. When we went to Europe a couple of months ago, my impairment became obvious. It's bad enough that I can never remember where most of the states are located, I had no idea how to get to Europe. We were trying to make the trip shorter and Tom suggested flying from Canada and I was all "really" and he said "Uh, YEAH. Europe is East of us". Oh. OK.

We were flying to Amsterdam first and for an embarrassing amount of time, I thought Amsterdam was actually a country. Then, when I learned it was in The Netherlands, I thought Holland and The Netherlands were the same country. I don't feel too bad about that; apparently, a lot of people think that. Incidentally? Holland is part of The Netherlands, it's not the same place.

You're welcome.

But I don't feel quite as bad about this as I did before I went to the Hawaiian Islands. When we were getting ready to fly from Oahu to Maui, one of the women in our group remarked that she didn't understand why we had to fly. Why didn't they just build bridges from one island to the next? Looking closely to make sure she was serious, I replied that the islands were pretty far apart.


Geez. Some people.

Don't they know ANYTHING about geography?

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Granny Annie said...

I know about geography now and thank you very much!

You have reminded me of the time I was daydreaming in geography class and the teacher called me back in a very loud reprimand. It frightened me so that I opened my mouth quickly in amazement and the cinnamon candy that I was hiding in my mouth had melted and pulled the top and bottom braces off my teeth. And that is all I remember about geography.