Friday, January 28, 2011

And This is PRECISELY Why You Should Buy Things In Every Color

I am totally into leggings. Not in the way that Paris Hilton is into leggings where you wear them shopping with a short top and then totally flash your coochie to all the photographers because, um, EEEWWW.

But in the way that I love to wear them around the house with a slouchy, comfy top. Sleeping pants are all that and I love me some sleeping pants and have approximately 4,921 pairs but sometimes a girl just wants to wear something a little tight so her husband can remember that, oh yeah, she does have pretty nice legs! Especially in black leggings which are very forgiving of the occasional bump and bulge.

So I had two pairs of leggings that I bought at Target a while back and LOVED them and then I put one pair on the other day and thought they had a little piece of lint on the butt, so I tried to pick it off and realized it was a teeny, tiny hole. So, even though nobody but me would ever in a million years notice that hole, I took them off and threw them away because a tiny hole eventually becomes a bigger hole and, anyway, I bought them at Target and I can pick up a DOZEN more pairs at any time.


Turns out I can't.

Target does not have those particular leggings anymore. The perfect, stretchy leggings that reach below my ankle. My PERFECT leggings. That I had thrown away.

No problem! Leggings are leggings and I can find some PERFECT leggings somewhere else, right?

Yeah. This would apparently not be the case. On my couch at this very moment, I have innumerable online mailing bags full of leggings to be returned. The legging are either too thin, too short, too gappy, too too too AUGH.

Then I got a package from Old Navy and in that bag were the PERFECT leggings. Nice wide waistband, stretchy and comfy but nice and fitted, and long enough.

I was saved!

The perfect leggings had been found!

Life was good, the air was full of bright confetti sparkles and smelled like vanilla and rainbows arched across a cerulean sky as I went to the Old Navy site to order 741 more pairs.

And then I saw it. "This style no longer available." WHAAAAATTTT? I just ordered them a few days ago? WHY O WHY did I not order more colors?

So as I sit and pat and caress my one lonely pair of dark gray leggings that are PERFECT in every way, let me give you the most important fashion lesson of all. The one that, in a moment of insanity, I temporarily forgot.

If it's perfect?

Buy it in every color.


Granny Annie said...

I so relate to this post. It seems I am in constant search of the perfect bra. When I find one, I feel I must wear it at least for a day before I purchase more and inevitably when it is as perfect as I imagined and I return for more, the store has stopped carrying that brand. YIKES!