Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Before and After

When I was writing about hot chocolate the other day, it reminded me of the best hot chocolate I have ever had IN MY LIFE. It was when we visited the Eiffel Tower. We were cold, we were damp, we were tired. And we wanted a hot drink. So we ordered hot chocolate. Like everything else in Paris (cheese; tiny, tart oranges; strawberry tarts; fresh croissants) it was delicious. Beyond compare.

And when I think about that experience, I realize my life has shifted. Before hot chocolate on the Eiffel Tower. And after.

Before, I had never been to Paris. Now I have. I had never been to Europe, never cruised on the Rhine, the Mosel and The Seine. Now I have. Never tasted sparkling wine on a river cruise ship bedecked with Christmas lights as we cruised along with the sun setting red and gold and purple in the sky. Now I have. Never had a meal in a castle, walked streets hundreds of years old, bought a scarf in Germany, saw a windmill in the middle of a green, green field. Now I have.

My life is different now. I have had hot chocolate on the Eiffel Tower.

And this is why I travel.

That before and after.

Because without the before? You can't really appreciate the after.


Anonymous said...

Love the senior pic...I will have to show you mine....same hairstyle ..different school ...1975. Loved the fashion article. Makes me want to rush out to old navy and buy some flats. Rah rah :) Kiki