Thursday, December 30, 2010

You Want WHAT At The Grocery?

Now, to fully appreciate this post, you have to understand that my husband loves his iPhone.

Like, LOVES. IT.

It is his favorite thing, next to the TV remote that allows him to skip in 30-second increments past the commercials. Which sounds really good except when I might actually want to SEE a commercial which is rare but does happen. Don't even get me started on how much I love the guy kissing the giraffe commercial.

WHAT? You haven't seen it? That's OK because with the magic that is The Google Machine, I can show it to you.

You KNOW that is hilarious. But. I hardly ever get to see it because of the 30-second skip.

Anyway. The iPhone.

Instead of just making a grocery list using pen and paper like most NORMAL people, he insists on emailing his grocery list to me. Which means I have to get out MY iPhone (of course I have one, my whole frakkin' family has one) and read my email at the grocery store so I can find out what he wants me to buy. This used to be a real pain in the ass but I have gotten used to it now.

So when I was at the grocery the other day, I got out my iPhone and checked his grocery list. Usually he just has a few things on it like ice cream and orange juice but this list looked exceptionally long. I started reading through it and was surprised he wanted so many things, including every kind of battery made and then I saw it.

Bok Choy.

And I knew something was wrong. I'm not saying he doesn't eat vegetables but the likelihood of him putting Bok Choy on his grocery list is right up there with...well. Him making a pen and paper grocery list for me. In other words. Pretty remote.

I read further down and finally had to call him. "Have you looked at the grocery list you sent me"?

Come to find out, he had accidentally sent me the entire list of groceries available on the grocery list making app.

This does not happen when you use pen and paper. When you use pen and paper you only get a list of what you actually want at the grocery. Which, while theoretically might include Bok Choy? Probably does not.

But I don't think it will discourage his iPhone use one iota. Not one teeny iota.

He just might have to pay more attention when he is making his grocery list instead of busily skipping through commercials.

And just let me watch that precious giraffe.

Oh, go on and watch it again.

You know you want to.


Fancy said...

You (and Boo) are so cute! Now I love that giraffe, because I ALWAYS think of the two of you.