Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Is The Problem With Working From Home

Today I have written two magazine articles and a blog post, been to Yoga class, been to the grocery, made a healthy lunch of whole wheat tortillas with veggies, and researched, emailed various contacts, planned and then created a detailed spreadsheet of travel plans while we are in Vancouver next month.

I'm going to take a quick shower and then relax in my comfy chair to read for a little while.

This is just about the time Tom usually gets home.

Right after I have perched in my comfy chair.

So it totally looks like I have been sitting in my comfy chair reading the entire time he has been at work all day.

This is a little annoying.

I may have to get in the habit of leaping out of my chair when I hear the garage door opening and finding some sort of project to be working on industriously when he comes in.

But that's a whole lot of work.

And I'm really very comfortable.

Way too comfortable to get up.

Guess he'll have to be OK with a wife who sits in a comfy chair reading all day.

Because in all honesty?

That actually does happen some days.